Cliche but so great. Some of my favorites:

Whole truth offends all parties.”

Don’t be afraid to fail.”

Never assume there’s toilet paper.”

Whatever you do, have passion.”

Never stop learning about everything.”

Godammit you’ve gotta be kind”

Werktrein in Overpelt.wmv (via raimcameddy)

Train track repair machines.  Pretty freaking amazing. 

“Murdered and placed on trial after his death, sentenced to life.”

Korean Elevator


The elevator in our hotel is the first I’ve ever seen which allows you to deselect a floor by pressing the button again. I’ve always talked about that, and here it is.

Stay tuned for further deep cultural insights from our travels.

The elevator in my office has the same feature if you double tap the button.  So awesome.  I actually use it every now and then.

“Contrary to some Western beliefs, Dr. Blair says, many of Russia’s nuclear-armed missiles in underground silos and on mobile launchers can be fired automatically.”
“If you want to keep something intimate and if you want to keep something sacred, you probably shouldn’t post it [online].”